It is challenging to make money online from home if you are not knowledgeable about searching for information through the internet. I used to be a financially struggling student who couldn’t complete the first year of college at a nearby university. Those were exhausting and relentless years. However, I have now achieved some ideal monthly income sources thanks to my laptop.

Who am I?

I go by the pen name Juncer, which doesn’t hold any significant meaning nor is it an imitation of anyone famous. What I aim for is to build my own personal brand. Honestly, my real name is Hoàng Văn Duẩn, born in the mid-90s. But due to my disadvantaged background, my way of thinking differs from most of my peers.

Discovering online money-making opportunities around 2017, I started learning about affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and niche sites. To excel in these endeavors, I needed to have some understanding of WordPress and websites. I acquired this knowledge through the internet.

What makes this blog special?

Here’s an exclusive piece of information: Insights Free blog’s content is generated with the assistance of AI content tools, contributing around 80% of the effort. Of course, I’ll be the one curating the content. I have found that AI tools truly support my online work.

Imagine an ordinary person being able to produce content for nearly seven websites independently. It would be impossible without the help of Content AI, as it is today. But now, it’s different. Content AI is genuinely intelligent and almost capable of replacing humans in various aspects of website content production.

Content topics:

The content of this blog revolves around one core issue: building income sources without the need to work for a company, all thanks to websites or blogs. You can understand it as a “work-from-home” job. I may not be an expert in helping you earn money online, but I might provide you with some new insights for your work.

The main content includes anything related to WordPress, content creation, digital marketing, ideas, plugins, themes, website security, and making money online.

If you have your own content and want to publish it on my blog, it is entirely possible. However, it needs to align with the topics I mentioned and should not have been previously published on my blog or anywhere else on the internet.

Finally, thank you for visiting my blog. If you want to get in touch, please feel free to do so.